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Established in 2003 by Musaddiq "King of Poultry" Muhammad. House of Wings offers over 60 flavors of chicken wings. You can order wings only or as a combonation with seasoned fries or savory yellow rice. Grilled wings are available too!

Best Wings in Miami

What's Ya Flava?

House of Wings offers over 60 flavors of chicken wings! You have a choice to get your wings sweet, spicy, savory, homestyle, or dry rubs. Many exotic flavors such as Ghetto Flava, Hennessy Glaze, South Beach, Citrus Island Breeze, and Barack Obama. There are many different levels of spice up to Suicide.

Try our Suicide Challenge today!

Bahamian Style


Along with wings, we have mastered our seafood as well! You can choose from Tilapia, Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp, or Conch prepared how you like. We can prepare your seafood either Fried, Grilled, or Steamed with your choice of a side!

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